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DRIE Toronto is a non-profit organization with total revenues of less than $40,000 per year.

Meeting Schedule

DRIE meetings are an excellent forum to network with other business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency management planners in an informal and relaxed environment. Meetings are held QUARTERLY, usually on a Tuesday, in the months of March, June, September and December (actual dates dependent on venue availability). The December meeting is followed by a wine and cheese reception that is sponsored by Sungard Availability Services, one of our Gold Sponsors.

Meetings are usually held in the afternoon and feature activities such as speakers, panel discussions and vendor presentations. After each meeting, the presentations are placed on our website with presentations from the most recent meeting accessible to everyone and previous presentations in the File Archive of the Members Area.

Please see our Calendar of Events for more information on the dates of upcoming events. Use the Events link to find general event registration information.

Upcoming Events


DMEX 2021 Conference -Lessons Learned by the Canadian Red Cross at the frontlines of COVID

This will be a great event as well as the opportunity to network with many of the people at the forefront ( RED CROSS) of the pandemic. As well as to hear first hand from a blend of the TOP ...


DMEX 2021 Conference: How to Prepare and Counter Social Media Threats with Glen Mills

The Future is Now: Social Media in Real Time Social media is spawning revolutions, influencing elections and spreading truth and misinformation to millions of people instantly. This is for anyone...